Library System

Visilib is powerful set of RFID technology that gives you everything you need to boost transaction and gain greater reading interest as a result. Every Visilib product is packed with advanced hardware and software that help your library stay productive, and tools for librarian to manage collections. It’s never been easier to get more productivity and power for your library.

Made Exclusively For Your Library

Visilib is fully integrate into your database system, big or small. Visilib analyze data to enable better decision-making and more powerful transactions. Visili allow your library to do things it could never do before. When the world’s best RFID technology and your library system work together, great things happen.

Transformation in Action

The experience and competence we have built up over 8 years translate into high value for our customers. With our RFID experience and competence, our customers have the possibility of maximising their potential and achieving 24% transactions increasing year over year.