uTalk is for anyone who wants to learn key words and phrases in another language. It’s perfect for beginners getting started in a language and invaluable for intermediates looking to fill in gaps in their vocabulary and pronunciation.


It’s crammed full of useful, everyday words and phrases which are divided into topics. Each topic will take roughly two to three hours to complete but you can dip in for five minutes or more at a time. Learn when you want, at your own pace. And with 60+ topics, that’s a total of up to 180 hours of learning in each language. Because every word is voiced by both male and female native speakers, you’re also learning real-world pronunciation. Record yourself mimicking their speech, then practise until you get it right.


Choose which words you need and learn them when you want. Pay attention to the Practice Section which uses native speakers to pronounce the words – but shows them written in both your new language and in your native tongue. After that, it’s all about your new language so you’ll need to keep up! Five increasingly challenging games – from easy to hard – test you on what you’ve learned and you’ll see your memory improve each time you’re tested. Stay motivated by watching your progress scores soar. To get full marks you’ll need to start thinking in your new language.